Recent Calls
Sat. Aug 23rd 2014
Tinton Falls EMS-South responded along with Pinebrook Community Hose Co. to the Garden State Parkway south for a vehicle fire. Pinebrook, along with a passing River Edge fire engine, extinguished the ...
Sun. Sep 30th 2012
Tinton Falls EMS-South responded to an overturned vehicle on the Garden State Parkway at the Asbury Toll Plaza. Below is the article taken from the Asbury Park Press.

Thu. Sep 27th 2012
Taken from Long Branch-Eatontown Patch.
Two drivers sustained minor neck injuries when their cars collided Thursday morning at the intersection of Shrewsbury Avenue and North Gilbert Street in Tinton...
Wed. Sep 26th 2012
Tinton Falls EMS-South responded to Asbury Park for a multi-alarm fire.
Taken from the Asbury Park Press:
A woman and her granddaughter escaped injury Wednesday when a fire broke out in the basemen...
Mon. Aug 6th 2012
At approximately 2:20pm Tinton Falls EMS South was dispatched to the scene of a working tractor trailer fire. Squad 36-23 was on scene and had requested a second ambulance to respond. Crews remained...
News Headlines
Tue. May 9th 2017
TInton Falls EMS South members receive new and refreshed training on our EMS Protocols from our medical direction team.
Sun. Jan 1st 2017
Welcome Our New Line Officers Of 2017:Captain: Bob Harvey1st Lt: Mow Chu2nd Lt: Robin McBride1st Sgt: Michele Risley2nd Sgt: Raychel Rizzo
Fri. Jan 1st 2016
From Right to Left Captain George McBride, 1st Lieutenant Kurt Gibson, 2nd Lieutenanet Mow Chu, 1st Sergeant Robin McBride, 2nd Sergeant Michele Risley
Mon. Dec 7th 2015
Our December meeting (7 December 2015) is where we vote in our new officers for the 2016 year. Please wish our candidates and incumbents the best of luck in supporting Tinton Falls EMS in the 2016 Ye...
Sun. Nov 2nd 2014
Nominations for the 2015 Officers and Administrative Board are Monday, 3 November 2014 at our Business Meeting.

I am interested in joining.  Do I need to have special training before joining?

No.  We will arrange for you to be trained once you join the squad.  This training includes CPR, First Aid, and the NJ/National Registry EMT-Basic Training.


How long does training take?  And, does it cost anything?

Initial training in CPR and first aid takes a few hours.  Once you have been on the first aid squad for a few months we will send you to EMT class.  Class usually meets twice a week in the evening for about three months, totaling 160 hours.  As a volunteer, these classes are of no cost to you.  And our members will help support you and offer guidance, support, and help!


Once I join what kind of commitment am I expected to make?

Members are required to attend monthly business and training meetings.  Business meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 8:00PM.  Training meetings are typically on the third Monday of the month at 7:30PM.  All members are also required to be on one duty crew per week.  This means being on call overnight once per week.


When I'm on call do I need to sleep at the first aid building?

No.  Members remain at home and have pagers to notify them when there is an emergency call.  When there is a call members will drive to the first aid building and respond to the call in one of our ambulances.


Are there opportunities to earn money by being an EMT?

Tinton Falls EMS-South is staffed completely by volunteers.  There are a number of private companies that hire EMTs if you are seeking employment as an EMT.


I don't really want to become an EMT, however I would like to help in some capacity.  Is there anything that I can do?

We can certainly use your help if there is something that you feel you can offer the first aid squad.  Whether you can help with electrical work, gardening, cleaning, or anything else you can think of, we can use your help as a support member.  If you don't have time to contribute, perhaps you can make a financial donation.  We run completely on donations from people such as yourself.


Do you rent out the first aid building for private parties or meetings?

No.  At this time we do not rent out our facility for any events.


How do I request an ambulance for a medical emergency?

Call 911.  Do not call our direct number or drive to our first aid building.  Our volunteers are only at the first aid building when there is an emergency call.  Not calling 911 will cause a delay in the care that you recieve. 


I recently called for an ambulance and the vehicle that arrived said Tinton Falls EMS-North.  How come one of the EMS-South ambulances didn't respond to my house?

During the daytime hours (6AM-6PM) there is a crew of two paid EMTs on call throughout the borough of Tinton Falls.  This crew is supplemented during peak periods with a second crew of two paid EMTs during the daytime hours of 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday.  If you called for an ambulance during the daytime you may have seen their truck at your house.  Also, during the evening and at night we may be on another emergency call when you call for us.  Our sister squad, the volunteers of Tinton Falls EMS-North, may have been assisting us in answering your call.


I thought the first aid squad operated on donations.  A few weeks after calling for an ambulance I received a bill for your service.  Do you bill for your service?

Tinton Falls EMS-South does operate on donations and DOES NOT bill for its service.  If you received a bill for an ambulance transport one of two things may have happened.  First, if you called during the day time the on duty paid EMTs from Tinton Falls EMS-North may have responded to your call.  They will bill your insurance company for their service.  Just as we rely on donations to operate, the daytime service relies on insurance payments to cover costs for equipment and personnel.  If that wasn't the case and one of our ambulances responded, there was probably a second ambulance from a company called MONOC.  In the event of a life threating emergency (heart attack, seizure, stroke, etc.) a team of paramedics is dispatched along with our EMTs.  These paramedics from MONOC bill for their service, even though you may be riding in our ambulance. 


I called for an ambulance and two ambulances came to my home.  Why did that happen?

When you call 911 for an ambulance our EMTs respond in one of our ambulances.  If the emergency is not life threatening (such as a broken bone) only our ambulance will respond.  If your emergency is life threatening (such as a heart attack) a second ambulance with two advanced trained paramedics will also respond.  They are basically an emergency room on wheels and can perform the advanced interventions needed to save your life in a true life threatening emergency.


I recently moved to Tinton Falls from New York City.  Can you take me to a hospital in NY?

No.  So we can be available to answer calls in a timely manner we cannot go more than a few miles out of town.   We will gladly take you to Jersey Shore University Medical Center (Neptune), Monmouth Medical Center (Long Branch), or Riverview Medical Center (Red Bank).  Once there, you can discuss transfering to another facility with the hospital staff.  In an emergency you want to be going to a hospital that is not far away.


Do you make pre-arranged transports to doctor offices?

No.  Tinton Falls EMS-South only answers 911 emergency calls.


What should I do when I see an ambulance approaching behind me with its lights and siren on?

Pull over to the far right side of the road and come to a complete stop.  Please do not stop in your lane or move to the left.  This can be very dangerous for yourself, other drivers and the ambulance.  Please do not try to out run the ambulance by driving faster.  This can be very dangerous and can result in a ticket.  The same applies if you see one of our members in their personal vehicle with a flashing blue light.  Not pulling over and stopping for one of our members or an ambulance is not only against the law, but more importantly is preventing them from responding quickly to an emergency.


I would like more information about a question that is not listed here.  How can I find the answer?

Click on the "Contact Us" button on the left and someone will get back to you.  Please make sure to include your email address.

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