Recent Calls
Sat. Aug 23rd 2014
Tinton Falls EMS-South responded along with Pinebrook Community Hose Co. to the Garden State Parkway south for a vehicle fire. Pinebrook, along with a passing River Edge fire engine, extinguished the ...
Sun. Sep 30th 2012
Tinton Falls EMS-South responded to an overturned vehicle on the Garden State Parkway at the Asbury Toll Plaza. Below is the article taken from the Asbury Park Press.

Thu. Sep 27th 2012
Taken from Long Branch-Eatontown Patch.
Two drivers sustained minor neck injuries when their cars collided Thursday morning at the intersection of Shrewsbury Avenue and North Gilbert Street in Tinton...
Wed. Sep 26th 2012
Tinton Falls EMS-South responded to Asbury Park for a multi-alarm fire.
Taken from the Asbury Park Press:
A woman and her granddaughter escaped injury Wednesday when a fire broke out in the basemen...
Mon. Aug 6th 2012
At approximately 2:20pm Tinton Falls EMS South was dispatched to the scene of a working tractor trailer fire. Squad 36-23 was on scene and had requested a second ambulance to respond. Crews remained...
News Headlines
Tue. May 9th 2017
TInton Falls EMS South members receive new and refreshed training on our EMS Protocols from our medical direction team.
Sun. Jan 1st 2017
Welcome Our New Line Officers Of 2017:Captain: Bob Harvey1st Lt: Mow Chu2nd Lt: Robin McBride1st Sgt: Michele Risley2nd Sgt: Raychel Rizzo
Fri. Jan 1st 2016
From Right to Left Captain George McBride, 1st Lieutenant Kurt Gibson, 2nd Lieutenanet Mow Chu, 1st Sergeant Robin McBride, 2nd Sergeant Michele Risley
Mon. Dec 7th 2015
Our December meeting (7 December 2015) is where we vote in our new officers for the 2016 year. Please wish our candidates and incumbents the best of luck in supporting Tinton Falls EMS in the 2016 Ye...
Sun. Nov 2nd 2014
Nominations for the 2015 Officers and Administrative Board are Monday, 3 November 2014 at our Business Meeting.
2014 Ford Explorer
This vehicle was placed in service in 2014 and is the first Captain's vehicle that the squad has purchased new. It features a graphics design to match the other fire and EMS command vehicles within the borough.
2006 Ford E450 / PL Custom Medallion
This ambulance was placed in service in June of 2006 and replaced ambulance 36-2-56. Prior to being purchased by the squad this ambulance was used as a demonstration vehicle by PL Custom. This purchased allowed the squad to get a state of the art vehicle at a substantially discounted price. The ambulance features a new design with navy blue and gold graphics.
2007 Ford E450 / PL Custom Medallion
This ambulance was placed in service in November of 2007 and replaced ambulance 36-2-57. Similar to 36-2-60, this ambulance was also a demo vehicle from PL Custom. It was designed to match 36-2-60.
Retired 36-2-50
2003 Chevy Tahoe
This vehicle was donated to our squad by Wayside Fire Company after serving them as a Chief's vehicle. It was used until 2014 when it was replaced with a 2014 Ford Explorer.
Retired 36-2-50
2002 Ford Crown Voctoria
This vehicle was donated by the Tinton Falls Police Department in 2005 to replace the 1997 Captain's car. It was refurbished with a new coat of paint and new graphics to match our new ambulance design in 2007. The car was retired in 2009 when Wayside Fire Company donated a Chevy Tahoe to the squad.
Retired 36-2-50
1997 Ford Crown Victoria
This car was used by the Captain from 2001-2004 when it was replaced by a 2002 Crown Victoria.
Retired 36-2-56
1993 Ford E350 / Braun Slope Side Ambulance
This ambulance was in service from 1993 until 2006 when it was replaced by Ambulance 36-2-60.
Retired 36-2-57
1993 Ford E350 / Braun Slope Side Ambulance
This ambulance was in service from 1993-2007 when it was replaced by Ambulance 36-2-61. It was sold to Old Bridge Twp. Raceway Park and is used as the primary ambulance on the track's drag strip.

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